Rodler/Wood Scholarship

The Rodler-Wood Scholarship was established in 2004 by University of Maryland alum James Wood (class of 1972) and his partner Peter Rodler (1936-2010). The scholarship is awarded in the spring, and selection is based on one or more of the following criteria: demonstrated financial need, hardship based on sexual orientation, academic interest in LGBT Studies, and extracurricular activities on behalf of LGBT issues.

Recipients of the Rodler-Wood Scholarship

2018: Aqdas Aftab, PhD Program, English; Anna Storti, PhD Program, Women’s Studies

2017: Muhammad Mussadiq, Undergraduate, Individual Studies

2016: Cooper Kidd, Undergraduate, Sociology

2015: Fiona Jardine, PhD Program, College of Information Studies

2014: Samuel Allen, MS/PhD Program, Department of Family Science

2013: Christopher Quach, Undergraduate, Sociology

2012: Jay Garvey, PhD Program, College Student Personnel Administration

2011: Bailey Kier, PhD Program, American Studies; Octavia Sykes, Undergraduate, Women’s Studies

2010: Susanna Harris, Undergraduate, English

2009: Mike Ryan, PhD Program, Sociology

2008: Damion Clark, PhD Program, English

2007: Kimberly Bonner, MA Program, Sociology

2006: Katherine Kuvalanka, PhD Program, Family Studies

2005: Natalie Prizel, Undergraduate, English & LGBT Studies; Vincent Stephens, PhD Program, American Studies