Located near Washington, D.C., students are encouraged to seek internship opportunities in local, state and federal governments, non-profit organizations, policy and research institutions as well as agencies committed to social change.

To Receive Academic Credit for Your Internship:

Students should:

1. Read carefully the Internship Course Syllabus and meet with the Internship Liaison as early in the process of selecting an internship site as possible, but in all cases before completing the Learning Contract in order to determine if the internship site and the expected duties there are compliant with the requirements for the internship course (WMST386) as well as to begin the process of obtaining a faculty mentor. The current Internship Liaison is JV Sapinoso (

2. Once the student has confirmed that the site and anticipated duties are in line with the goals of an academic internship, the student should meet with their Site Supervisor to discuss the Learning Contract.

3. A Learning Contract signed by the site supervisor is then provided to the Faculty Mentor and together the student and mentor determine a schedule of meetings and assignments for the semester.

4. The Learning Contract must be signed by the Site Supervisor, the Faculty Mentor, and the Internship Liaison before permission is granted to register for the internship course (WMST386).

5. Throughout the semester, at intervals agreed upon with the Faculty Mentor, the student should submit a record of hours worked and at the end of the semester at a time agreed upon with the Faculty mentor but in any case no later than the last day of finals, the student should submit to the Faculty Mentor a record of hours worked which has been signed by the Site Supervisor.

6. Additionally, at the completion of the internship hours, but no later than the last day of finals, the student should submit to the Faculty Mentor the Internship Evaluation.

7. At the completion of the internship hours, the Internship Liaison will consult with the Site Supervisor to get an evaluation of the student’s work and will submit that evaluation to the Faculty Mentor.

8. The Faculty Mentor will determine the grade for the internship course based on the completion of the scholarly work requirements and taking into account the evaluation of the site supervisor.

Looking For Places to Intern? Explore the resources at the University Career Center, or browse through organizations from our internship database:

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