Joint Minor in Black Women’s Studies

The 15-credit joint minor with the Department of African American Studies in Black Women’s Studies focuses on the lives and experiences of women of African and the African Diaspora.



WMST263/AASP203: Introduction to Black Women’s Studies
Introduction to Black women’s studies, to Black women’s history, lives, political thought, and cultural practices.  Comparing Black women’s own self-perceptions and behaviors with the social norms and ideals about women within the Black community and in the larger society, the course examines the racial/ sexual politics of Black women’s lives.


WMST265/AASP213: Constructions of Manhood and Womanhood in the Black Community
Investigates the ways that African Americans are represented and constructed in public and private spheres and explores the social constructions and representations of Black manhood and womanhood from various disciplinary perspectives.


AASP313/WMST314: Black Women in U.S. History
Covering African American women’s history from slavery to the present by applying analytical frameworks of race, gender and class to understand the life cycles and multiple roles of women of the African Diaspora as mothers, daughters, wives, workers and social change agents.

Additional Course Requirements

One course from Area I – Comparative or Non-US course (indicated by a *)

One course from Area II – Humanities

One course from Area III – Social Sciences


AASP – Val Skeeter, 301-405-1170

WMST – Laura Nichols, 301-405-6827

Approved Course Offerings

AREA I – Comparative or Non-US Course – indicated by a * below

AREA II – Humanities

WMST263/AASP203: Introduction to Black Women’s Studies

THET240: African Americans in Film and Theater

ENGL362: Caribbean Literature in English *

FREN478B: Themes and Movements of French Literature in Translation:

Francophone Women Writers *

WMST/THET496: African American Women Film Makers

AREA IIII – Social Sciences

WMST265/AASP213: Constructions of Manhood and Womanhood in the Black Community

HIST319: Women and the Civil Rights Movement

WMST360: Caribbean Women *

WMST410: Women of the African Diaspora *

WMST488 Senior Seminar: Black Women in the Public Eye

AASP493: Feminist and Nationalist Thought in the Black Community

WMST498: Black Feminist Thought

WMST498: Womanisms and Feminisms: Theories and Methods (proposed course)

AASP483: Gender, Sexuality and the Black Family