Study Abroad

Gender, Sexuality and Globalization: Feminist Advocacy and Domestic Violence in the Anglophone Caribbean (WMST 498S)
We learn best by doing and being in the world. The Women’s Studies Study Abroad Program provides students with an opportunity to do just that. Gender, Sexuality and Globalization: Transnational Feminism and the Anglophone Caribbean (WMST 498S) introduces students to the gendered cultural and political landscapes of the Anglophone Caribbean. Through a combination of class based discussions, internships, and a diverse range of cultural activities students will interact with local academics, activists and local organizations to enable an understanding of the complex gender dynamics that are at work in the region. For additional information contact Dr. Michelle V. Rowley ( or 301-405-0981, or Dr. JV Sapinoso ( or 301-405-6827.

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