Undergraduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

Certificate students undertake a 21-credit interdisciplinary program of study on women to complement and supplement another degree program.



  • WMST 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women and Society or WMST 250 Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women, Art and Culture
  • WMST 400 Theories of Feminism
  • WMST 488 Senior Seminar
  • 12 credits from the list of distributive courses at least one course from each category, and at least one cultural diversity course (noted with an *)

Distributive Courses

Students must take three semester credit hours in each of the three broad topical areas listed below.  Courses in this category may overlap with other requirements.  Some of the courses listed below have prerequisites.

Area I:   Arts and Literature

WMST 241 Women Writers of French Expression in Translation (also FREN 241)*

WMST 250 Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women, Art, and Culture

WMST 255 Women in Literature (also ENGL 250)

WMST 275 World Literature by Women (also CMLT 275)*

WMST 281 Women in German Literature and Society (also GERM 281)

WMST 348 Literary Works by Women (ENGL 348)

WMST 408 Literature by Women before 1800 (also ENGL 408)

WMST 444 Feminist Critical Theory (also ENGL 444)

WMST 448 Literature by Women of Color (also ENGL 448)*

WMST 458 Literature by Women after 1800 (also ENGL 458)

WMST 466 Feminist Perspectives on Women in Art (also ARTH 466)

WMST 496: African American Women Filmmakers (also THET 496)*

FREN 481 Femmes Fatales and the Representation of Violence in Literature, Opera, and Film

FREN 482 Gender and Ethnicity in Modern French Literature*

Area II:   Historical Perspectives

WMST 210 Women in America to 1880 (also HIST 210)

WMST 211 Women in America since 1880 (also HIST 211)

WMST 212 Women in Western Europe 1750-Present (also HIST 212)

WMST 320 Women in Classical Antiquity (also CLAS 320)

WMST 453 Victorian Women in England, France, & the United States (also HIST 493)

WMST 454 Women in Africa* (also HIST 494)

WMST 455 Women in Medieval Culture and Society (also HIST 495

WMST 456 Special Topics in History: Women in the Middle East* (also HIST 492)

WMST457 Changing Perceptions of Gender Identities in the U.S., 1880-1935 (also HIST 433)

AASP 498W Black Women in United States History*

AMST 418 Cultural Themes in America: Women and Family in American Life (Special Topic)

HIST 309 Proseminar in Historical Writing: Women’s History (Special topic)

Area III:   Social and Natural Sciences

WMST 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women and Society

WMST 313 Women and Science (also BSCI 302))

WMST 325 The Sociology of Gender (also SOCY 325)

WMST 326 Biology of Reproduction (also BSCI 342)

WMST 336 Psychology of Women (also PSYC 336)

WMST 360 Caribbean Women*

WMST 410 Women of the African Diaspora*

WMST 420 Asian American Women: The Social Construction of Gender*

WMST 430 Gender Issues in Families (also FMST 430)

WMST 436 The Legal Status of Women (also GVPT 436)

WMST 452 Women in the Media (also JOUR 452)

WMST 471 Women’s Health (also HLTH 471)

WMST 493 Jewish Women in International Perspective*

WMST 494 Lesbian Communities and Differences*

AASP 498 Special Topics in Black Culture: Women and Work*

CCJS 498 Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Women and Crime

SOCY 425 Gender Roles and Social Institutions

SOCY 498 Special Topics in Sociology: Women in the Military

* Fulfills Women’s Studies Cultural Diversity Requirement.