Affiliate Faculty

Beyond the Department, Women’s Studies has more than 80 affiliated faculty housed in other departments across campus. These faculty members teach courses cross-listed with Women’s Studies and serve on our various curricular and research committees. This program structure hallmarks the uniqueness and strength of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland – the Department and Program are inclusive of many disciplinary perspectives and methodologies, yet capable of encouraging new scholarship that is broadly interdisciplinary.

Linda Aldoory,  Professor of Communication
Health Communications; Public Health Campaigns; Health Media

Hester Baer, Associate Professor of Germanic Studies
Gender and popular culture, with particular emphasis on German film and literature from the postwar and contemporary periods

Mercédès Baillargeon, Assistant Professor of French
20th and 21st Century Literature; French and Francophone Literature; Gender, Sexuality and Queer/Post-Queer Studies; Critical Theory; Cinema and Film Studies; First-Person Narrative; Postcolonial Theory; Transnational Narrative; Trauma

Kathryn M. Bartol, Robert H. Smith Professor of Leadership and Innovation
Management issues related to reward systems, gender issues, knowledge management, retention/turnover, and information technology implications for organizations

Janna Bianchini, Associate Professor of History
History of Power; Women and Religious Conflict in Medieval Europe

La Marr Jurelle Bruce, Assistant Professor of American Studies
Black expressive culuture (especially literature and performance); Critical Race Theory; Queer Theory; (Pop) Cultural Studies; Psychoanalysis

Faedra Chatard Carpenter, Associate Professor of Theatre, Dance, Performance Studies
American Performance and Dramatic Literature (with concentrations in African American and Latina/o American Dramatic Literature and Performance); Critical Theories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality; Dramaturgy; Racial Iconography

Janet Chernela, Professor of Anthropology
Indigenous peoples, NGOS, and Protected Areas in the Brazilian Amazon; Gender and Language in Amazonia; Indigenous Rights and Intergovernmental Processes

Tita Chico, Associate Professor of English
Gender, Cultural Politics and 18th Century British Literature

Kimberly Coles, Associate Professor, English; Director, English Honors Program
Literature by Women in Early Modern England; Gender, Religious Ideology; Medical Discourse

Theresa Coletti, Professor of English
Theatre; Gender and Religion in Late Medieval England; Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Merle Collins, Professor of English
African American/African Diaspora; Caribbean and Postcolonial; Comparative Literature

Crystal U. Davis, Assistant Professor of Dance, Director of Dance Masters Certification Program
Dance Performance and Scholarship; Race, Gender, and Movement; Performance Studies; Integrated Movement Studies

Sonalde Desai, Professor of Sociology
Demography; Social Inequalities in Developing Countries with focus on Gender and Class Inequalities; South Asia

Long Doan, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Social psychology; sociology of emotions; interactional explanations for social inequality

Lillian Doherty, Professor of Classics
Women in Classical Literature and Mythology; Greek Language and Classical Myth

Susan Dwyer, Professor and Executive Director of the Honors College; Professor of Philosophy
Moral Psychology; Applied Ethics; Feminist Theory

Caroline Eades, Associate Professor of French and Italian
European Cinema; Post-Colonial Studies; Film Feminist Theory; Film and Myth; Contemporary French Culture

Jessica Enoch, Associate Professor of English
American; Language, Writing and Rhetoric; Women’s Literature and Feminist Theory

Jason Farman, Associate Professor of American Studies, Director of Design Cultures & Creativity Program
Mobile Technologies; Digital Maps; Cultural Geography, Locative and site-specific art; Videogames; Digital Storytelling; Performance Art; Social Media; Surveillance

Leslie Felbain, Associate Professor of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
Acting; Movement and Movement Technique (including Mask, Buffon and Theatrical Styles); Physical Performance; Choreography; Directing and Production

Laurie Frederik Meer, Associate Professor of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies; Director, Latin American Studies Center
Cuba; Latin America; African Diaspora; Anthropology of Performance and Performance Studies; Ethnography; Cultural Politics; Nationalism; Subversive Culture; Law/Testimony

Martha Geores, Associate Professor of Geographical Sciences
Society and Sustainability; Social Construction of Landscapes; Common Property; Human Dimensions of Global Change

Christina Getrich, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Critical medical anthropology; Latina/o and immigrant health and well-being; immigration policies and enforcement practices; U.S. Latina/os mixed-status families; U.S.-Mexico boarderlands

Maxine Grossman, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies
Literature of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity; Religion in Contemporary U.S. Popular Culture; Gender in Contemporary Religious Culture

Christina Hanhardt, Associate Professor of American Studies
LGBT and Queer Studies; Critical Race Theory; Urban Studies; Social Movements; Politics of Crime and Punishment; Cultural Geography; Film, Video, and Television Studies; Interdisciplinary Research Methods

Sharon Harley, Associate Professor of African American Studies
Black Women’s Labor History; Racial and Gender Politics

Alison Heller, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Medical anthropology; Anthropology of humanitarianism and development; Reproductive health and obstetric violence; Health inequities in sub-Saharan Africa

Luke Jensen, Director, LGBT Equity Center
Higher Education; Student Affairs; Student Development; Community Outreach; Program Development

Katarina Keane, Executive Director of the Center for the History of the New America; Lecturer, Department of History
Social movements in the post-1945 period; activism and contributions of Southern women in the American feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s

Fatemeh Keshavarz, Roshan Institute Chair of Persian Studies; Director, Roshan Institute for Persian Studies; Director, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Sahar Mohamed Khamis, Associate Professor of Communication
Arab and Middle Eastern Media; Women and Media in the Middle East

Steve Klees, Harold R. W. Benjamin Professor of International & Comparative Education
Political economy of education policy and social change; How gender, race, and class intersect with educational and social inequalities

Meredith Kleykamp, Associate Professor of Sociology
People’s work lives; connections between the labor market and three specific institutions: the military, prison, and unions

Julie Koser, Associate Professor of German
18th and early 19th centuries German literature; Gender Myths; Gender, National Identity, and Citizenship; Gender and Warfare; Literary and Visual Depictions of Women and Violence; The Body as Site of Political Rebellion

Leigh Leslie, Associate Professor of Family Science
Gender Issues; Social Support; Ethnic Families

Hallie Liberto, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Moral and Social Philosophy; Promises, Exploitation, Sexual Consent, and the nature and transfers of Bodily Rights

Jing Lin, Professor, International Education Policy
Chinese Education, Culture and Society; Peace Education; Environmental Education; Spirituality Education

Marilee Lindemann, Associate Professor of English; Executive Director, College Park Scholars
Queer Studies; Literary Theory; American Literature

Andrea M. Lopez, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Medical anthropology, urban anthropology, drug use, health policy, the anthropology of violence, the anthropology of space, policing in urban contexts, health inequities, mixed methods/interdisciplinary research, subjectivity and social suffering, critical phenomenology

Clare Lyons, Associate Professor of History
Gender and Sexuality in Early America and in the Early Modern Atlantic World

Sangeetha Madhavan, Associate Professor African American Studies
Family Demography;Parenting; Kinship; Children’s well-being; sub Saharan Africa; African Diaspora; Mobility and Migration; Social impact of HIV/AIDS

Hoda Mahmoudi, Baha’i Chair for World Peace
Formal Organizations; Medical Sociology; Cross-National Research

Karla Mantilla, Managing Editor, Feminist Studies
Feminist Publishing

Judy Markowitz, Librarian Subject Specialist for Women’s Studies, University of Maryland Libraries
Women’s Studies; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies; Government & Politics; Public Policy

Kris Marsh, Associate Professor of Sociology
Black middle class; Intersection of Educational Attainment and Racial Identification; Intra-Racial Health Disparities

Michele Mason, Associate Professor of Asian and East European Languages and Cultures
Modern Japanese Literature and History; Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Gender and Feminist Studies; Masculinity Studies; Nuclear Studies and Peace and Nuclear Abolition Movements

Nancy Raquel Mirabal, Associate Professor of American Studies and the U.S. Latina/o Studies Program; Director, U.S. Latina/o Studies Program
History; Afro-diasporic communities in the U.S.; politics of territoriality; gentrification; spatiality

Linda Moghadam, Instructor and Undergraduate Director of Sociology
Gender, Work and Family

Robyn Muncy, Professor of History
Progressive Era; Gender, Work and Family; Women, Activism & Reform Movements in the Twentieth Century

Philip Tajitsu Nash, Lecturer Asian American Studies Program
Law; Urban studies; Asian Pacific American History; oral history; public policy; community outreach

Elizabeth A. Novara, Special Collections Librarian, Horbake Library
Historical Manuscripts

Zita Nunes, Associate Professor of English
African-American/African Diaspora Literature, Caribbean & Postcolonial Literature; Comparative Literature

Karen O’Brien, Professor of Psychology
Women, Race and Labor; Adoption Policy and Family; Domestic Violence

KerryAnn O’Meara, Professor of Higher Education; Director, University of Maryland ADVANCE Program
Organizational policies, practices, and cultures; faculty development and agency; peer networks; gender equity in workload and distribution of campus service

Randy Ontiveros, Associate Professor of English
Chicano/a and Latino/a Literature; Civil Rights Movement; Cultural Politics of the 1960s

Valerie K. Orlando, Professor of French and Francophone Literatures and Director of the Honors Humanities Program
Francophone Women’s Literature from the African Diaspora; African Cinema; French Literature and Culture

Jan M. Padios, Assistant Professor of American Studies
Critical cultural studies and political economy, with emphasis on transnationalism, labor, neoliberal globalization, media and communication, cultures of consumption, and U.S. empire

Margaret Palmer, Professor of Entomology

Michael Paolisso, Professor of Anthropology
Gender and Environment; Environmental Change; Household Economics; Gender and Development

Julie Park, Associate Professor of Sociology; Director, Asian American Studies Program
Adaptation process of immigrants in the United States which includes the areas of immigration, demography, race/ethnicity, gender, and urban studies

Shawn Parry-Giles, Professor of Communication; Director, Center for Political Communication and Civic Leadership
Politics and Political Discourse; Democracy and Rhetoric; U.S. Presidency; Nationalism, Feminism and News Frames

Mehl Penrose, Associate Professor of Spanish
Culture and literate of 18th and 19th century Spain, especially Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Realism; Non-normative discursive representations of masculinity and male sexuality; Journalistics texts and the intersections of medico-scientific and cultural discourses

Rashawn Ray, Associate Professor of Sociology
Social Psychology; Race Relations; Race-Class-Gender; Family; Health Policy

Sangeeta Ray, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in English
African American/African Diaspora Literature; Caribbean and Postcolonial Literature; World Literature in the 20th Century

Ana Patricia Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Central American and U.S. Latina/o Literatures and Cultures, Central American Cultural Production; Migration and Diaspora Studies; Post-War/Trauma Studies; Gender Studies; Latina/o Popular Culture and Education

Karin Rosemblatt, Professor of History
Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Policy in Latin America; Gender Ideology and Political Discourse in Latin America

Laura Rosenthal, Professor of English
Prostitution in Eighteenth Century British Literature and Culture; British Women’s Writing

Shige Sakurai, Director of Leadership Initiatives and Associate Director, LGBT Equity Center
LGBTQ+ and Diversity Issues in Higher Education; Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion; Internationalism; Grantmaking and Philanthropy; Leadership Development; Education, Training, and Teaching

Thurka Sangaramoorthy, Associate Professor of Anthropology
HIV/AIDS; Social and Medical Constructions of Risk; Health Disparities; Global Public Health; Transnationalism, Immigration, Citizenship, Governmentality, Structural Violence, Race and Ethnicity; Science and Technology Studies

David A. Sartorius, Associate Professor of History
Colonial Latin American history with a focus on race and the African diaspora

Richard Q. Shin, Associate Professor of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education and Director, School of Counseling
Identification of academic resiliency factors among youth of color living in undersourced neighborhoods; interrogating queer blindfolded and other lenses that heterosexual identifying individuals adopt in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer concerns; racial bias among practicing mental health professionals; integration of social justice principles in the fields of counseling and counseling psychology

Mary Corbin Sies, Associate Professor of American Studies
Cultural Studies; Planning History; Architectural History; Urban/Suburban History; Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Cultural and Social History

Martha Nell Smith, Professor of English and Founding Director of MITH (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities)
Emily Dickinson, American Literary History, New Media and Digital Humanities

Catherine Knight Steele, Assistant Professor of Communication; Project Director: Andrew W. Mellon funded, Synergies among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture
Multicultural Media, Digital Cultures, Race/Gender & Mass Media, African American Media Discourse and Rhetoric, New Media and Online Social Justice

Linda Steiner, Professor and Director of Research Graduate Studies in the College of Journalism
Gender in Newsrooms and Media; Feminism and Media; Media Ethics; Journalism History; Public Journalism

Nelly P. Stromquist, Professor of International Education Policy
Social Change and Gender; Critical Sociology; Gender Relations and Equity (emphasis Latin America)

Elizabeth L. Toth, Professor of Communication
Women and Public Relations; Gender and Media

Orrin Wang, Professor of English
Comparative Literature; Film Studies and Cultural Studies; Literary Theory; Romantic

Mary Helen Washington, Professor of English
African-American/African Diaspora Literature; Black Women Writers

Psyche Williams-Forson, Associate Professor and Chair of American Studies
Black Women, Food, and Power; African American Class, Consumption and Citizenship; Cultural Studies; Material Culture; Food Studies

Janelle Wong, Professor of American Studies; Director, Asian American Studies Program and Resource Center
Race; Immigration; Political mobilization

Carly Woods, Assistant Professor of Communication
Rhetoric and Public Culture; argumentation, social change, and the rhetoric of diverse voices

Madeline Zilfi, Professor of History
Women in the Ottoman Empire; Divorce and Family Relationships in Islamic Law and Ottoman-era Practice; Women and Society in the Middle East; Women and Slavery in the Late Ottoman Empire