Core Faculty

Core faculty administer the Women’s Studies Department and Program and teach the required courses for the major, undergraduate and graduate certificates and graduate degrees.

Elsa Barkley Brown, Associate Professor, 301-405-4290
Research areas: theories of collectivity and citizenship; political narrative; African American political culture; black women’s arts and culture; black gender studies

Bonnie Thornton Dill, Professor and Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
Research areas: intersections of race and gender; African-American women and families; work, family, and poverty

Alexis Lothian, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, 301-405-2446
Research areas: queer theory and queer of color critique; media and cultural studies; speculative fiction in literature, film, and television; fan cultures and communities; new media and digital humanities; remix video

Iván Ramos, Assistant Professor, 301-405-0836
Research areas: Latina/o Studies, Transnational American Studies; Gender and Sexuality: Queer and Feminist Theory; Performance Studies; Critical Race Theory; Masculinities; Sound Studies; Visual Culture

Michelle V. Rowley, Associate Professor, 301-405-0981
Research areas: gender and development; transnational feminisms; feminist pedagogies; women in the African diaspora; Caribbean Studies

Catherine A. Schuler, Professor, 301-405-4552
Research areas: cultural production in Russia; historical and contemporary avant-garde performance; gender and performance; drag

Ashwini Tambe, Professor and Editorial Director at Feminist Studies
Research areas: transnational feminist theory; global political economy; modern South Asian history; sexuality; girlhood studies; state theory; interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and disciplinarity

Ruth E. Zambrana, Professor and Interim Chair, 301-405-0451
Research areas: intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, Hispanic/Latino subgroups, and structural determinants with a focus on inequalities in population health indicators and higher education

Additional Faculty and Fellows

Eva Hageman, President’s Fellow, Post-Doctoral Associate

Sydney F. Lewis, Lecturer
Research areas: 20th and 21st century African-American culture, black feminisms, and queer and gender studies.

Jessica Lee Mathiason, Lecturer
Research areas: Feminist/queer science studies, bioethics, LGBTQ media studies, social embodiment, and queer theory.

Emeritae Faculty

Evelyn Torton Beck, Professor Emerita
Research areas: Jewish Women’s Studies, Lesbian Studies, feminist perspectives on psychology, creative aging, and healing power of art and dance

A. Lynn Bolles, Professor Emerita
Research areas: women of Africa and the African Diaspora; ethnography; political economy of women; black feminist anthropology; Caribbean Studies

Seung-kyung Kim, Professor Emerita
Research areas: gender and labor politics; transnational migration; education and family; feminist theory and social movements; Asian and Asian-American women

Katie King, Professor Emerita
Research areas: feminist theory, including LGBT studies; cultural production, including literary history and contemporary media studies; feminist technoscience, including cyberculture and technology

Claire Moses, Professor Emerita
Research areas: feminist theory; history of feminist movements; European women’s history; colonialism; the political economy of globalization

Deborah Rosenfelt, Professor Emerita
Research areas: women’s literature and progressive culture in the U.S.; women’s studies and curriculum change in higher education; gender, culture, and globalization; contemporary North American women writers