Katie King

Katie King is Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she has began teaching in 1986. She was also an affiliate faculty member of Comparative Literature, Performance, American and LGBT Studies, and a Fellow of the Maryland Institute of Technology in the Humanities (MITH). She received her Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has been published in The Scholar & Feminist Online; Writing Technologies, Criticism, Feminist Theory, camera obscura, Communications, and Cultural Studies.

Involved in U.S. lesbian and feminist activism since the early 1970s, King is possibly still best known for work on lesbian studies and feminist theory. Her first book was Theory in its Feminist Travels: Conversations in U.S. Women’s Movements, which connected social movements and lesbian politics with the work she calls “feminism and writing technologies.” This names a transdisciplinary field at the intersection of queer theory, feminist technoscience studies, cyberculture and media, the history of the book, and studies in orality and literacy. A current work in progress, Speaking with Things, an Introduction to Writing Technologies, explains this field and its feminist practices.

Networked Reenactments: Stories Transdisciplinary Knowledges Tell is her most recent book. In the nineties, in not altogether voluntary partnership with the web, television had to learn not only to “show” but also to “tell,” discovering for commercial and technical reasons and for widely diverging audiences how to distribute stories and information engaging all the senses across platforms and infrastructures. Media scholars today call this phenomenon transmedia storytelling. Stories in this book suggest how this transmedia practice came about and how thoroughly entangled it is with globalizing knowledge work. Chapters analyze the European Union’s cultural, racial and sexual economies creating action-adventure TV shows Highlander and Xena, U.S. museum politics at the Smithsonian’s Science in American Life, transnational melodramas of science-styled TV reenactments such as Secrets of Lost Empires and African-American Lives, and Australian, British and U.S. scholarly experiments in reenactment.

Major Areas of Research:

  • Feminist theory, including LGBT studies and materialist feminisms
  • Cultural production, including transdisciplinary media studies
  • Feminist technoscience and posthumanities methodologies


Selected Courses:

  • Women, Art and Culture: An Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Feminist Reconceptualizations: Feminists Rethink Feminisms
  • Theories of Feminism
  • SF Feminisms
  • Feminist Social Media Activisms
  • Lesbian Communities: Networking Knowledges and Trans Media
  • Women, War, Militarism
  • Approaches to WMST I: Epistemology
  • Genealogies: Theories and Movements

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