Graduate Students

Students in the Department of Women’s Studies are leaders across campus in a variety of fields and other majors. At the undergraduate level, our students regularly hold positions in student government organizations, community service groups, intramural sports and clubs devoted to public activism.

Our graduate students are emerging at the forefront of the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies. Their research strengthens and expands on the department’s traditional specialization in intersectionality and multi-racial feminism. University of Maryland Women’s Studies graduate students are building a presence in the field through their work on topics such as social movements, transnational feminism, popular culture, labor, citizenship, sexuality and identity. In addition to emerging scholars, they are also activists, writers, critics, artists and poets.

Graduate students play a vital role in undergraduate education. Their innovative approaches to feminist pedagogy encourage students to question social inequalities and give voice to struggles for social justice. Beyond the classroom, they provide valuable service to the department, the University of Maryland, and the community at large.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Women’s Studies, our graduate students often play prominent roles in other departments and programs, on-campus research centers and off-campus organizations. Our students also hold internships at local and national organizations, such as media outlets, nonprofit advocacy groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and federal and state agencies. Many of our students have been recognized for their achievements through awards given by the University of Maryland and a variety of off-campus groups.

Current Graduate Students

DB Bauer
MA Women’s Studies (2013), San Diego State University; BA American Studies and English (2008), University of New Mexico

Jocelyn Coates
MA Women’s Studies (2018), University of Maryland; BA Women’s Studies, Black Women’s Studies Minor (2014), University of Maryland

Damien Hagen
MS Women and Gender Studies (2012), Towson University; BS Political Science (2009), Towson University

Rahma Haji
BA Africana Studies (2017), Smith College

T. Laurance Hoagland
MA Women’s Studies (2014), University of Maryland; BA with High Distinction in Women’s Studies (2011), Duke University

Renina Jarmon
BA Psychology (2000), The New School for Social Research

Lenora R. Knowles
MDiv Interdisciplinary Studies (2014), Union Theological Seminary; BA Africana Studies (2011), Brown University

Danielle LaPlace
MA Women’s and Gender Studies (2019), University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Masters of Development (2014), University of Queensland; BA French (2010) and International Studies (2010), University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Caitlin Leach
Doctor of Pharmacy (2014), University of the Sciences; MS Women’s & Gender Studies (2018), Towson University

Amira Lundy-Harris
BA Black Studies and Sexuality, Women’s & Gender Studies (2016), Amherst College

Clara Montague
MA Women’s Studies (2017), University of Maryland; BA Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies and English (2013), Grinnell College

Adreanna D. Nattiel
MA Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (2018), Georgia State University; BA Women’s Studies and English Literature (2014), University of Georgia

Eva Peskin
MFA Performance & Interactive Media Art (2015), Brooklyn College; BA Music (Summa Cum Laude, 2009), Barnard College

Michelé Prince
BA (2008), University of Washington

Sarah Scriven
MA Women’s and Gender Studies (2018), DePaul University; BA Women’s Studies (2015), Duke University

Cheyenne Stevens
BA Ethnic Studies (2010), University of California, San Diego

Anna Storti
BA/BS Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies and Business Administration (2013), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Taylor York
BA Women’s and Gender Studies, History, and English (Summa Cum Laude, 2016), West Virginia University

Current Graduate Certificate Students

Hazim Abdullah-Smith, American Studies
Aqdas Aftab, English
Hagar Attia, Communication
Lindsey Barr, Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies
Molly Benitez, American Studies
Katie Brown, Communication
Jillian Bruns, Modern French Studies
Mel. Coles, American Studies
Skye de Saint Felix, Communication
Khady Diene, Modern French Studies
Aya Hussein Farhat, Communication
Alyson Farzad-Phillips, Communication
Lindsey Fox, Communication
Ian Funk, American Studies
Lauren Harris, Communication
Zachary Johnson, American Studies
Gianina Lockley, Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies
Donté McGuire, Higher Education
Joanna Pepin, Sociology
Jeannette Schollaert, English
Brittany Starr, English
Stephanie Stevenson, American Studies
Artesha Taylor, Communication
Jonelle Walker, Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies