Graduate Students

Students in the Department of Women’s Studies are leaders across campus in a variety of fields and other majors. At the undergraduate level, our students regularly hold positions in student government organizations, community service groups, intramural sports and clubs devoted to public activism.

Our graduate students are emerging at the forefront of the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies. Their research strengthens and expands on the department’s traditional specialization in intersectionality and multi-racial feminism. University of Maryland Women’s Studies graduate students are building a presence in the field through their work on topics such as social movements, transnational feminism, popular culture, labor, citizenship, sexuality and identity. In addition to emerging scholars, they are also activists, writers, critics, artists and poets.

Graduate students play a vital role in undergraduate education. Their innovative approaches to feminist pedagogy encourage students to question social inequalities and give voice to struggles for social justice. Beyond the classroom, they provide valuable service to the department, the University of Maryland, and the community at large.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Women’s Studies, our graduate students often play prominent roles in other departments and programs, on-campus research centers and off-campus organizations. Our students also hold internships at local and national organizations, such as media outlets, nonprofit advocacy groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and federal and state agencies. Many of our students have been recognized for their achievements through awards given by the University of Maryland and a variety of off-campus groups.

Current Graduate Students

Nat Baldino
BA Philosophy (College Honors, Cum Laude, 2015), Knox College

DB Bauer
MA Women’s Studies (2013), San Diego State University; BA American Studies and English (2008), University of New Mexico

Donnesha Blake
Ronald E. McNair Scholar; MA Women’s Studies (2014), University of Maryland; BA Communication (Summa Cum Laude, 2012), Central Michigan University

Laura A. K. Brunner
MA Women’s Studies (2011), University of Maryland; Graduate Diploma (2010), Monash University; BA (2004), New York University

Jocelyn Coates
BA Women’s Studies, Black Women’s Studies Minor (2014), University of Maryland

Courtney Cook
MS Nonprofit Management (2013), The New School; BA English, Women’s Studies Certificate (2008), University of Maryland

Avery Dame
MA American Studies (2012), University of Kansas; BA English (2010), University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Eve Grice 
BA Women’s Studies and French (2011), The College of William & Mary

Sara Haq
MA Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentration in Women and Gender Studies (2012), George Mason University; BA Psychology (2004), George Mason University

Tangere Hoagland
BA with High Distinction in Women’s Studies (2011), Duke University

Renina Jarmon
BA (2000), New School University

Sun Hye Kim
MA Sociology (2008), Yonsei University; BA Sociology (2004), Yonsei University

Sina Lee
MA Sociology (2011), Yonsei University; BA Government and Politics/Sociology (2008), Yonsei University

Jaime Madden
MA Women’s and Gender Studies (2007), University of Texas at Austin; BS Psychology and Women’s Studies (2005), Berry College

Angel Love Miles
MA Women’s Studies (2007), University of Maryland; BA (2003), Pennsylvania State University
Dissertation in progress: A Mixed Methods Study of Homeownership Characteristics for African American Women with Physical Disabilities

Clara Montague
BA Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies and English (2013), Grinnell College

Safoura Nourbakhsh
MA (1992) and BA (1989), San Francisco State University

yh Patt
MA Women’s Studies (2011), University of Maryland; JD (1993), District of Columbia School of Law; BA (1987), Elizabethtown College

Cristina Jo Pérez
MA Teaching, Special Education (2009), Western New Mexico University; BA Politics and Women’s Studies (2006), Williamette University, Salem

Michelé Prince
BA (2008), University of Washington

Melissa S. Rogers
MA Women’s Studies (2014) University of Maryland; BA English and Spanish (2010), Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Cara Snyder
BA Economics and International Relations (2009), Agnes Scott College

Jeannette Soon-Ludes
MA Women’s Studies (2012), Univeristy of Maryland; BA (2006), University of North Carolina at Asheville

Justin Sprague
MA Humanities (2012), Old Dominion University; Women’s Studies Teaching Certificate (2012), Old Dominion University; BA Communications (2009), Old Dominion University

Melissa Cheyenne Stevens
BA Ethnic Studies (2010), University of California, San Diego

Anna Storti
BA/BS Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies and Business Administration (2013), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Jessica A. Vooris
MA Women’s Studies (2014), University of Maryland; BA English and Women’s Studies (2009), Bucknell University

Yuenmei Wong
MA (2001) and BA (1998), University of Science Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia

Current Graduate Certificate Students

Hagar Attia, Communication
Katie Brown, Communication
Jillian Bruns, Modern French Studies
Hsin-Yi Chien, Communication
Stephanie Cork, Kinesiology
Khady Diene, Modern French Studies
Shaun Edmonds, Kinesiology
Kara Lynn Estelle, English
Megan Fitzmaurice, Communication
Lindsey Fox, Communication
Anya Galli, Sociology
Pallavi Guha, Journalism
Lauren Harris, Communication
Phuong Hoang, Modern French Studies
Cae Joseph-Massena, Modern French Studies
Jessica Lu, Communication
Melissa Lucas, Communication
Julia Medhurst, Communication
Elizabeth Novara, History
Joanna Pepin, Sociology
Stephanie Stevenson, American Studies
Meridith Styer, Communication
Artesha Taylor, Communication