Jocelyn Coates

BA Women’s Studies, Black Women’s Studies Minor, University Honors Citation (2014) University of Maryland.

Photo of Jocelyn Coates

Jocelyn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s Studies, as well as a minor in Black Women’s Studies and University Honors citation, from the University of Maryland, College Park in May 2014. Jocelyn’s work has aimed to critically situate interracial romantic relationships in the context of colorblind racism and anti-blackness, interrogating racialized/gendered micro-aggressions, acts of surveillance, and epistemic violence. Trained in qualitative methods, Jocelyn conducts in-depth interviews and is currently exploring methodological interventions – such as transcription and coding practices – that make space for the recognition of queer temporalities, narrative messiness, complex personhood, and the affective, interactional context of interviews. More broadly, her research interests include black feminist thought, critical race studies, postcolonial studies, and queer of color critique.