Nat Baldino

BA Philosphy (College Honors, Cum Laude, 2015) Knox College.

Photo of Nat Baldino

Nat is a doctoral student and McNair Graduate Fellow at The University of Maryland, a member of the 2015 cohort. Nat was also a McNair Scholar in their undergraduate studies, as well as a Ford Fellow. Having received a B.A. with Honors from Knox College in philosophy, their undergraduate research used phenomenology and American pragmatism to advocate for the everydayness of philosophy. Their undergraduate Honors thesis, entitled “Making Ourselves Flesh: Transgender Phenomenology: A Merleau-Pontian Reclamation of Trans Narratives” used everyday articulations of transgender experience (zines, selfies, vlogs, etc.) to argue for the construction of a specifically trans methodology by which trans individuals formulate, express, contest, and revise their identities; such a methodology would hopefully contest current simplistic and pathologizing methodologies for studying trans life.  A condensed version of the work was published in the philosophy journal Res Cogitans.

At the University of Maryland, Nat continues their attempts at constructing a trans phenomenology through studying the intersections of transgender studies and critical race studies, in the hopes of creating a more ambivalent notion of identity formation, performance, and collectivity. Through work with local DC trans community programs, Nat hopes for everyday experiences with trans people and collectives, medical systems, legal systems, and more to inform their work. Nat lives in Petworth with their partner and two cats, Dorian and Cannoli.