Honors Program

The Honors program in the Department of Women’s Studies is designed to give students the opportunity to pursue rigorous interdisciplinary research and writing under the close supervision and mentorship of a Women’s Studies faculty member. Students can be expected to gain a deeper understanding of the field and the critical thinking and writing skills to excel in graduate or professional school or in management-level positions in the professional workforce. As an upper-level departmental Honors program, students must have at least a 3.0 overall and a 3.5 in the major to apply. To learn more about the requirements, students should make an appointment with JV Sapinoso (sapinoso@umd.edu or 301-405-6827), the Women’s Studies undergraduate advisor.


  • 3 credits of upper-level Honors/Honors option courses
  • WMST 488 (H-option) Senior Seminar to be done in the fall or spring semester of student’s junior year. This seminar will offer students the research skills necessary to conduct independent research. The senior seminar will not necessarily determine a student’s area of research or the faculty member who will supervise the thesis writing in the next semester. Students who wish to substitute WMST 488 with another senior seminar should petition the undergraduate committee to do so. This petition should be no more than a paragraph and should provide a rationale for the alternate course and an explanation of how this course will enhance the student’s choice of research. Where possible please attach a copy of the course outline.
  • WMST 498 H: Women’s Studies Honors Thesis Writing to be done in the fall and spring semesters of the student’s senior year. Students will receive thesis supervision from an approved thesis advisor (the thesis advisor must be either a core or affiliate WMST faculty member). The student, in dialogue with the academic advisor, must also identify a second reader no later than April 1st of senior year (This person must be a core WMST faculty if the thesis advisor is not.)

To Apply to the Honors Program:

  • Students should have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in the major
  • Students should make an appointment with the Women’s Studies advisor to discuss and complete the Honors program application no later than March 1st of their sophomore year.
  • Download and complete a copy of the Honors Program Application

Dates to Remember:

  • March 1st (Sophomore Year). Application for Women’s Studies Honors Program due.
  • March 15th (Sophomore Year). Deadline for notice of acceptance into Honors Program.
  • Fall semester (Junior Year). Take either upper-level Honors course or WMST 488 (H-option).
  • Spring semester (Junior Year). Take either upper-level Honors course or WMST 488 (H-option).
  • April 20th (Junior Year). Deadline for submission of advisor’s name and project proposal. If submission date is renegotiated student must inform the Women’s Studies Advisor by this date.
  • April 1st (Senior Year). Student must provide name of second reader or have one appointed by this date.
  • April 15th (Senior Year). Deadline for final draft of thesis.
  • May 1st (Senior Year) Deadline for oral defense of thesis.